Our Ministries

Below is a list and descriptions of the various ministries of our church. Our main goals are glorifying God in everything we do and proclaiming the Good News. Our ministries are intended to reflect these goals.

  • Sunday School, also known as our Fellowship Service, meets every Sunday evening at 6:00 PM.  This is a time of both friendly interaction for our people and foundational Bible learning. We have Sunday School classes for all ages — each class is divided into small groups to allow the sessions to be informal and practical. We encourage everyone in every age group to participate in a Sunday school class.
  • Children and teens are very welcome and loved at Twin Valley Church. In Sunday School, Children’s Church, Vacation Bible School, and various other youth activities, children of all ages learn Bible stories, sing Christian songs, memorize Scripture and Bible facts, and discuss practical Christian living. Our music program gives a great opportunity for kids to learn to enjoy and sing Christian music. We encourage those who have a gift for singing, drama or playing instruments to use and expand their talents. Additionally, our young people are involved in ministry through acts of service and outreach opportunities.
  • Our Music Ministry provides a variety of opportunities for our members and the congregation to lift up the Lord in song. We believe music is a gift from God to be used for His worship and for the encouragement of believers. Our music ministries include congregational singing, vocal solos, duets, small groups, and choirs, and various instrumental music. We love the traditional hymns of the Christian faith.
  • Our Seniors Ministry involves a direct outreach with 2 local retirement communities, The Jefferson and Rosewood Village. Currently our members conduct a weekly Bible Study at both locations.
  • Once a year on Friend Day we bring our friends, relatives, coworkers and neighbors together for a special service honoring those close to us and honoring our very Best Friend, Jesus Christ. The delicious potluck dinner and delightful conversations that immediately follow each Friend Day service are real treats for our congregation.
  • Vacation Bible School is one of the most exciting events of the year for us here at Twin Valley Church. Vacation Bible School is a church-wide event, a series of informal services where we get everyone involved — adults, teenagers, and children. This is a time of Bible stories, muppets, skits, games, object lessons, crafts, and songs. During VBS, we focus on persuading others to accept God’s gift of salvation and on building character traits that are pleasing to God.
  • The annual Christmas Play is a true highlight for our church that “closes the year” for us. Our youth group particularly enjoys this event (preceded by many practices!) where we mix a re-enactment of the Nativity story with a contemporary theme.